The Skinny on Wagyu Beef

So what’s with all the hype surrounding Wagyu beef? You may have heard Paleo dieters talking about the health benefits. Or maybe your friend who is interested in animal rights has raved about the process by which Wagyu is raised and cultivated. You may have even seen it attached to a lofty price tag on the menu at a trendy restaurant. Wagyu is a unique blend of taste and nutritional value, and it is sparking the country’s interest one steak at a time.

What is Wagyu?

Wagyu cattle are native to Japan and are revered for their superior taste. The good-to-bad ratio of fat content is higher than any other beef on the market, but the main difference with Wagyu is that it has 20 to 25 percent marbling, which is four times higher than that of prime American beef cuts. The high fat content gives the steak a tender, supple flavor while still being low in cholesterol. The taste is so premium, in fact, that it can not be graded on the U.S. Department of Agriculture grading scale. The high fat numbers contribute to some people associating Wagyu with an unhealthy lifestyle. However, this premium beef is loaded with monounsaturated fats, which have been linked to benefits such as heart health, diabetes prevention, weight maintenance and immune function.

Only about 5000 Wagyu cattle are presently farmed within the U.S.

If Wagyu is so tasty and healthy, why is there such a limited market?  

Wagyu is native to Japan, and for years the country did not allow the beef to be exported. Even now, the price butchers pay for a premium Wagyu carcass is more than double that of prime Angus. Only about 5,000 head of Wagyu cattle are presently farmed within the borders of the United States, so the limited supply and increasing demand mean more expenses for everyone involved. Whether buying it for the succulent taste, as a healthy alternative, or as a show of support for local farmers who breed responsibly, the public has shown an increased interest in Wagyu that does not appear to be waning anytime soon.

How can I get my hands on Wagyu?

The Gourmet Butchers believe in fresh meat that is never frozen and is delivered quickly. When quality is what you are looking for, why not choose a company that takes pride in the product it offers? We know where every item in our shop originates, and we can guarantee your restaurant-quality streak will never be frozen. Most of our meats are shipped overnight and are delivered to your doorstep. We offer individual cuts and a package deal that gives you a ton of bang for your buck. If you are looking for an excellent gift, send a friend or loved one a gift certificate or our popular Bourbon Barrel Gift Basket. And remember, fresh beats frozen every time.

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